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ugh I actually love volition they’re these cute little nerd babies who appreciate their fans and make an effort to be inclusive and find out what people like and I am getting very emotional about a video game development company

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What do you like the most about your character?


Oh Nonnie… what DON’T I like about Jae Hwa?!

But seriously. The thing I like most about her, is that she’s childish. Her taste in clothes is ridiculous, she’s not afraid to let her feelings show (she’s pouty when she doesn’t her way or someone doesn’t like her food lol, she gets mad about stupid things…etc), her guns are ridiculous patterns and colors (as are her cars), she relies heavily (almost to a fault) on people closest to her (Johnny, Lin, Troy). She always needs to be looked after, whether it’s making sure she eats, sleeps, etc.. She’s very unsure of her decision making skills (as boss, her decision making skills when it comes to the spa are just superb), and usually decisions are just emotion based anyway, with no real regard for consequence. All in all, she never really acts like the Boss should act. (Until SR:TT, when Johnny “dies” and she has to step it up in order to keep the gang together, but that’s more enraged revenge than really being boss.) She loves joking and playing pranks, and gets super ADD around silly little things. (“Omg! look at this Johnny Bobblehead!, OMG is that a PINK FLAMETHROWER?! OH OH! look at this new ice cream shop!”)

hahahahaha, what a dork. <3

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지인 선물용 쟈니겟 

(Johnny Gat, gift art for friend)

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Reply thetwobosses :))

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Oleg for hunnybadgerv. I was intimidated with drawing him but I did my best &gt;.&lt;


Oleg for hunnybadgerv. I was intimidated with drawing him but I did my best >.<

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((Welcome back! I don't think we've talked, but you were one of the peeps whose blog inspired me to join this awesome fandom on Tumblr ^^)) Anyway OC meme: For all Colin really wants his image to appear as a smooth and sophisticated gentleman (as well as a gang Boss), he refuses to give up listening to his beloved rap and hip hop music. The Saints HQ radio back in his universe was pretty much always tuned to 95.4 KRhyme FM.

((AWWWW!! *blushes* Thank you! That means so much to me to hear my silly little blog lassoed you with an undying grip into our fandom forever! mwahahahaha! haha but seriously, that’s sweet and I’m glad you’ve fallen so hard in love like all of us This fandom is really the best <3 )

(also, Colin is HOT. jussayin :) )

Jae has no care in the world about what she wears or the appearance she portrays (as seen in this convo Basil and I had once about her choice in clothing) She acts rather childish and would rather people view her as such, so then when she gets serious, no one really knows what to expect, and they least of all expect that’s she’s actually the boss of the Saints. And when it comes to music, it’s reggae for her. She was a huge fan of VC until he tried to kill Shaundi. She also got Johnny into it, even though he doesn’t like to admit it. (whenever she calls him he’s always bumpin reggae and then forgets and tries to change it before picking her up, but she already heard it lol)

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One thing OC meme - The only reason (the eventual) Boss Lolita wanted to be canonised was for revenge on the Ronin for hurting Gat and taking Aisha away. Boss Cecila only agreed and personally carried out the canonisation herself because it meant she would be closer to her daughter.

AWWWW!! I would love a story about THAT! it would be hard to canonize your own daughter! omg the feels…

At first, Jae really wanted nothing to do with the Saints besides being the cash front. Her (dad’s) spa was the Saints financial backbone when they first started, and Johnny and Lin were more than enough to satisfy Julius’s need for LTs. But after her father’s death (Julius Lin and Troy went to handle some revenge shit), and physically getting caught in the middle of the turf wars, with Julius and Troy coming to her rescue once more, she felt like she was indebted to them more than what he father had offered, and wanted to be more than just a damsel in distress, and decided to join the Saints as well.

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Drive-in theaters are some of V's favorite things. She makes sure to keep the one in Stilwater running once the Saints have the funds to do so, and also sets one up in Steelport once they make the move there.

CUTE! I like this!

Jae has actually never been to a drive-in. (CUE CUTE PROMPT STORY)
With her background and lifestyle, her parents would never let her go alone anywhere, and then after the…incident with her dad… she never had time to, being too involved with the spa and then the Saints. She does however love movies, and any time spent with someone inside consisted of old shitty dubbed kung fu movies.

She very much has a soft spot for the “Spas” around the towns. She ends up giving Wu Kasiyahani when Jae takes over the Saints, and she also funds a few places in Steelport, which is why “Snatch” is one of her favorite things to do, she likes giving the girls a respectable place to work, instead of just with shitty ass pimps.

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((A thing about your OC -meme: During her long life in gangs, Tina's come across many people of color so she's become a bit blind to race. (Also hi hello there how's it going :D)

(hello hello I love you, I’m so happy to be back and to RP with Tina sooooon! :)) )

Jae is very much aware of race, and does things to get the advantage out of it so to speak. She’s half Mexican, half Korean, and runs a spa, so she will very much use her linguistics to her advantage (saying sweet nothings in spanish to people, etc..) She also has a rainbow selections of workers, because everyone has their fetishes and kinks. Regardless of what your race, she’s really good about reading people, so if you’re a professional black man coming in just for a massage, she’ll treat you as such, or if you’re a white gangbanger, you’ll get a more ghetto’d approach. She takes a very stereotypical approach in running her spa.

That being said,outside of business, she really doesn’t care who or what you come from, but more about what you stand for.

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OC one thing meme: Boss Syd likes to commemorate the defeat of a gang by getting a tattoo or dying her hair in the signature color of the defeated gang.

Haha! Boss Syd and Jae would make good friends!

Jae has a shitload of tattoos, but instead of being for gangs, they were symbols of her friends that she had lost through the years. I actually did a thing about them all here

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tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

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Saints Row: The Third

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Gat is HOT


UMPH jesus christ.

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Boss X Matt


Boss X Matt

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